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The team at Bullfrog Motosport consists of 3 individuals that have a passion for anything with wheels. The "Eldest" Bullfrog in our group enjoys restoring old cars and is currently restoring a 1965 Chevy C-10 truck with a 454ci big block engine. Our 2nd generation Bullfrog team member has raced many different vehicles including go karts, mini bikes, golf carts, cars, and many other forms of racing and enjoys off-roading with his family on their mini bikes and on road with his custom Honda Ruckus. He races our drag mini bikes and is the lead product development person here. Our "Youngest" Bullfrog is a very talented individual who makes a big impact on our business. He assists with our engine dyno testing, custom fabrication work, ships parts, and tests the parts that we develop running them on our drag mini bike with our 575cc big block engine.

Our Bullfrog Motosport site www.bullfrogmotosport.com is for the off-road mini bike, golf cart, Honda Ruckus and drift trike enthusiast. Here you will find parts and accessories for the powersports 2 wheel or 4 wheel moto applications.
If you are a go kart racer, lawnmower racer, mini cup racer, junior late model racer or even a mud/duck boat entusiast you will find those parts on our Bullfrog Performance Products site at www.bullfrogperformanceproducts.com

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