Gx340/Gx390 Electric/Pull Start Billet Flywheel

GX340/GX390 Electric/Pull Start Billet Flywheel

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Available for electric or pull start!

Our non-adjustable billet SFI Certified flywheel model for the Honda GX340 and GX390 engines is now both electric and pull start capable. The key way is fixed in the stock position of 24 degrees with a stock key.
No coil bracket is required, uses the stock coil. Keep in mind that this flywheel is not intended for use with the newer UT2 coils with the built-in 4500 RPM rev-limiter. You will need one of the previous coil versions that do not have the rev-limiter. Weighs 5lbs including ring gear.

Torque to min 85 ft/lbs

Minimum coil gap .030

Will Not work with charging stator

Will work on the Predator 420 and Vegas 460cc engines

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