Dyno Cams Camshaft 255 Grind Welded Lobe 196Cc Predator Hemi

Dyno Cams Camshaft 255 Grind, Welded Lobe, 196cc, Predator Hemi

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The 255 is a great choice for cheater stock or mild modified. You can expect a 1 to 1.5 hp gain in the upper RPM range over a legal stock grind.
This cam is welded for durability and comes with a compression release for easy pull start.

Engine: 196cc OHV Clone, 212cc Hemi Predator
Recommended Class: Cheater Stock, Modified
Target (MAX) RPM: 7200
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 18-22 lbs
Valve Lash (In/Ex): .003"
Ignition Timing: 32 Deg BTDC

Intake Exhaust
Open: 47.5 BTDC 88.0 BBDC
Close: 83.5 ABDC 45.3 ATDC
Lift: .254" .254"
C/L: 106.0 ATDC 110.0 BTDC
DUR @ 50: 236.1 Deg 236.0 Deg
DUR @ 200: 115.0 Deg 114.5 Deg

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