Dyno Cams Blueprinted Stock Head Small Block Cylinder

Dyno Cams Blueprinted Stock Head, Small Block

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This is Dyno Cams machined stock head. This head is a NKA/WKA legal, and blueprinted with the budget racer in mind. They use the best flowing head casting, and mill the head to take advantage of the minimum cc rule. They use high quality valves and Dyno Cams chrome silicon valve springs. This head comes completely assembled and ready to bolt on. Milled for use with the .009" head gasket.

Head Includes

Part Number Description
CL-1115-158 Ducar 158 Cylinder Head
DCS-BSH 2 - DynoCams 10.8lb Improved Valve Spring
CL-1120 Ducar Stock Intake Valve
CL-1125 Ducar Stock Exhaust Valve
CL-1071-N Ducar Guide Plate
CL-1040 Ducar Intake Spring Retainer
CL-1045 Ducar Exhaust Spring Retainer
CL-1095 2 - Ducar Rocker Arm Assembly

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