Dyno Cams Performance Open Cylinder Head Small Block

Dyno Cams Performance Open Cylinder Head, Small Block

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The Performance Open Head has the stock seats and valves replaced with larger SI Valves brand seats and valves. The seats are cut to include multiple angles and then the valves are lapped for a better seal. We machine .050" off the head to increase the compression ratio, and then the head is hand ported to improve flow. The head comes assembled with rocker arm assembly and 32lb dual valve spring set installed.

Head Includes

Part Number Description
CL-1115-158 Ducar 158 Cylinder Head
SI-R-8 SI Valves 32mm Dished Stainless Steel valve
SI-R-9 SI Valves 28mm Stainless Steel valve
SI-VSINGX200-32 SI Valves 32mm seat
SI-VSINGX200-27 SI Valves 27mm seat
DCSS-S-CL DynoCams 32lb Dual Valve Spring Set
CL-2553 Billet Guide Plate
CL-1095 2 - Ducar Rocker Arm Assembly

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