Dyno Cams Akra Performance Stock Head Small Block Cylinder

Dyno Cams AKRA Performance Stock Head, Small Block

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  • We have invested many hours on the flow bench and dyno to bring you the optimal custom port design. To produce the most power, not only do we hand port the head, we also mill the head for the minimum CC check and do our own custom multi angle valve job. We have seen huge gains on top end! Head comes assembled.
  • This head is legal per AKRA Rules

Head Includes

Part Number Description
CL-1115-158 Ducar 158 Cylinder Head
DCS-BSH 2 - DynoCams 10.8lb Improved Valve Spring
CL-1121 Ducar Short Intake Valve
CL-1122 Ducar Short Exhaust Valve
CL-1071-N Ducar Guide Plate
CL-1040-LW Lightweight Intake Spring Retainer
CL-1045-LW Lightweight Exhaust Spring Retainer
CL-1095 2 - Ducar Rocker Arm Assembly

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