Dyno Cams Pvl Flywheel Clone Honda Gx160/200 Predator Non-Hemi

Dyno Cams PVL Flywheel, Clone, Honda GX160/200, Predator Non-Hemi

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PVL is known for making quality flywheels. This flywheel is dynamically balanced and has been tested by PVL at 17,000RPM. The steel center hub adds durability to keep from damaging the taper. The center hub also has tapped holes for the use of a flywheel puller.
Flywheel taper may need to be lapped to the crankshaft when using on Non-hemi Predators.
Approved by all major sanctioning bodies.

Engine: 196cc OHV Clone, Honda GX160/200, Predator Non-Hemi
Brand: PVL
Material: Die cast Aluminum
Weight: 3.8 lbs
Timing: 28 Degrees
Fins: 12

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